Zentrum für Weiterbildung gGmbH​
Rheinstraße 5
65428 Rüsselsheim
Opening hours

Our location is open again.

The following rules for social distancing and hygiene must be adhered to:

Only come if you are healthy and have an appointment, and if possible without accompaniment. A mask must be worn in the entryways, the hallways, and in the bathrooms. Please pay attention to the social distancing and hygiene rules. Please call if you have any questions before coming!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

We are located in the heart of Rüsselsheim, directly on the south side of the train station. This makes it easy to reach us, whether with the diverse methods of public transport or by car.

At this pointin time we have various projects which support youth, immigrants, and parents as they re-enter the work force.

Our cornerstone is the support we give during career planning, the acquisition of internships and the integration into vocational training or full-time work.
Beyond that we offer profiling, potential analysis systematic coaching (with financial support from the state in some cases) as well as vocational training and job search management.

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