Mission Statement

The mission statement for the Zentrums für Weiterbildung and the GFFB was created in symbiosis.

Every sentence was extensively discussed and then agreed upon. Thus, our mission statement is truly a reflection of each person, from employee to management.

  • Our goal is to assist individuals in their personal developmentand to equip them with strength for the future.
  • Efficency and resource awareness is important to us in our processes and material use.
  • We promote opportunities to develop accountability and solution oriented behaviour.
  • Reflection and participation is the engine for quality assurance and organizational development.
  • Our services and methods are founded on years of experience, intensive creativity, innovative capacities, and the intentional awareness of trends.
Equal Opportunity
  • We stand for a responsible and respectful treatment of the individual.
  • We value each individual and support his or her societal participation.
  • We initiate and support personal networks in order to open up new paths of communication and perspectives.
  • Through cooperation we create new possibilities and a wider spectum of action. To create our future of choice we bring together diverse persons and ideas.